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Witchy Wizardly Woods and Sea Enchanter Combo Vianka Van Bokkem

Witchy Wizardly Woods and Sea Enchanter Combo

Vianka Van Bokkem

Published August 20th 2012
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 About the Book 

Witchy Wizardly WoodsGrowing up with eight sisters and one brother in a small village in Mexico was a little hectic some times.We were allowed to play only when we finished our chores. We didn’t have a chicken coop, and I was in charge of finding the eggs in the most unusual places.I also had to help my sisters remove the kernels from the cob to grind it and make corn tortillas.My mom asked me to pick some fruit from the forest and I obeyed. I was walking as fast as I could when all of a sudden I saw big walls forming ahead of me.When I reached the walls I saw an old man standing by a double wood door- he opened it and I was able to have a peek at some incredible inhabitants.I am a 14th year old girl named Isabel. I was captured by magic creatures.Solving riddles and finding Loli the star girl may give me the chance that I need to escape.Otherwise, the other human children, and I will remain prisoners forever!Sea EnchanterSitting on my favorite conch shell waiting for my friends ‘Galene’ the Nereid of calm seas’, and ‘Doris’ the Nereid of seas bounty to arrive- I admired a flock of white birds flying around me while I waited.I live in a beautiful kingdom above the sea water called ‘Empyrean’.Empyreans live in identical four level castles in the middle of what ‘Landers’ call the ‘Bermuda triangle’. Our homes were erected on top of 300 foot-high rocks with God Poseidon’s permission.I am a ‘Sea Enchanter’ named ‘Siela’. The ‘tale’ that I am about to reveal contains all past events that led me to where I am right now.My tale includes revenge, friendship, deception, defiance, and love.